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Our Products
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Citrus Invoicer
uses lists of whole goods and services
can be mixed on an invoice
add a narrative of work performed
Citrus Cycle Invoicer
automatically creates invoices and billing records
Invoice all accounts for a month, quarter, semi-annually or annually with a few clicks
Citrus Contract Schedule and Invoicing
automatically create invoices and billing records
Upon completion, reschedule Services on a pre-set schedule such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually
Create service routes, assigning accounts to the same servicer and weekday


Citrus Payroll
create payrolls, print pay checks and reports
just enter hours worked, select Salaried, Daily, or Flat Rate Employees
(Daily and Flat Rate Employees are specialized Employees, not paid hourly)
deductions are automatically calculated

Dispatching and Scheduling

Citrus Dispatcher
record and schedule requests for service
print daily work schedules and service invoices
record completion data
schedule customer meetings, repetitive tasks (such as re-stock vehicles)
block days for vacation and Holidays

Citrus Dispatch Center
create service slips (unscheduled). add to a call slip board
dispatch center assigns service slip to service personnel
create service records when completed

Citrus Appointment Scheduler
create service appointments performed at your place of business
print daily work schedules and work orders
invoice completed appointments
Citrus Contract Scheduler
automatically schedules services on a continual basis
Once completed, the next service is automatically scheduled
Invoices can be printed and account receivable posted automatically for completed service
can be used in conjunction with Citrus Dispatcher 

Citrus Delivery Scheduler
create Delivery Slips, Delivery Schedules and
Invoices for products delivered to your customers

Proposal Creation

Citrus Proposal
create and print Proposals
create a partial proposal and add to it on a job site
create a payment schedule
print a proposal report
create your own Terms and disclaimers or use generic
Citrus Proposal Deluxe
all of the features of Citrus Proposal (above)
print invoices based on the payment schedule

Inventory and Construction

Citrus Inventory
manage inventory
create Purchase Orders, Pick Lists, Price Books
Citrus Construction Scheduler
designed for Small Contractors and Handymen
schedule phases of a Construction Project
can include work to be performed by sub-contractors
includes tasks performed pre and post construction such as obtain permits, create an invoice


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